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There is a total number of 833846 QSOs in the database

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Reference Callsign Date Mode
DL-00366 DK7JQ 20180804 SSB
DL-00376 DK7JQ 20180804 SSB
DL-00383 DK7JQ 20180804 SSB
DL-00387 DK7JQ 20180804 SSB
DL-00433 DK7JQ 20180805 SSB
DL-00456 DK7JQ 20180527 SSB
DL-00704 DL0NV 20180622 SSB
DL-00981 DL0NV 20180501 SSB
DL-00982 DL0NV 20180501 SSB
DL-01310 DG0BBE 20180501 FM
DL-05024 DG0BBE 20170102 SSB