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To promote more activities from German castles the COTA-Team-Germany together with the DARC-Ortsverband Stifland introduced the COTA-Award. Beside the numerous awards from the various districts, the COTA-Award wants to set up a platform for whole Germany and a collection of QSO-data from DL-castles.
For the COTA-Award only contacts are valid which are in the COTAGROUP-database. All contacts must be from 01.01.1995 and later and done from german castles (or a distance from maximum 1km around the object according to the WCA-rules). All castles needs to have a german COTA-number, as well as an international WCA-number. The logs needs to be sent to:


All COTA-Awards are available in electronic PDF-format only. All successful applied awards will be listed on the COTAGROUP-Homepage. Each award-class starts with own serial-number.
There are following different COTA-Awards available:

In steps by 25 as COTA-Hunter-25 / 50 / 75 and so on you can apply the award directly out of the COTAGROUP-database. Just enter in your callsign and search. If you reaching the minimum of 25 different german castles you simply click on the link and your application will be generated automatically.
Each award-class shows a different photo from another german castle.

Is also available in steps by 25. Also here only contacts which are in the COTA-database are valid. You can apply with log-extract via mail to:


In steps by 5 you can apply for COTA-Activator 5 /10 /15 and so on. From each german castle a minimum of 50 contacts need to be done. You can do those contacts also in several activations on several days.
The logs must have been sent as ADIF-file to the database.
For application just send a log-extract with the various activated objects via mail to: